DERMO28 was born in 1995 thanks to the collaboration between a team of experts, highly specialised in therapy and treatments for the skin. Our team consists of cosmetologists, doctors, marketing professionals and psychologists. Different backgrounds that share the same curiosity and the common desire to explore and innovate.
Our professionalism has also made us privileged partners of SPAs and internationally renowned structures that have entrusted us with the task of providing services and high-end products, giving us a wealth of experience and a unique know-how.


The natural evolution of cosmetic methods.

Thanks to highly advanced and long-tested technical and aesthetic characteristics, we are able to offer technology in order to perform facial and body treatments in complete safety. These characteristics, which are already striking, amplify the results of our professional treatments.


Murad skincare products are at the centre of a wide-ranging system aiming to the welfare of the individual, "Inclusive Health". Clinically tested, these products improve the health of your whole body cells through a topical care, personal and emotional.
The "Inclusive Health” lifestyle improves skin health and any other cell in our body, giving excellent results in cosmetics, enhancing both our appearance and our mood.